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Intruder Alarms

A professional Intruder Alarm Installation is one of the most effective line of defence in the prevention of unwanted access to your property. The visible presence of a Burglar Alarm is often enough to deter intruders and alerting you and anyone in the vicinity to a security breach on your property. Most systems now have as standard, have the facility for customers to remotely view their own system from anywhere via smart phone, I-pads or laptops by simply downloading an app. We design, install, maintain and monitor quality wired and wireless Burglar Alarms to protect your home with the choice of pet friendly alarm systems which allow you to leave your pets in the house without fear of triggering a false alarm.
Our security experts will analyse the way in which you use your home and design a bespoke Alarm system that works harmoniously with the way you use your property to provide the protection you need.
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App Control

24/7 Monitoring


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