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Video Surveillance (CCTV)

Investing in Video Surveillance is an effective way to protect your property. As well as providing a good visual deterrent against antisocial behaviour, vandalism and theft. Video Surveillance cameras enable you to view and capture important events that may be useful in successful prosecution of offenders. Our security experts will analyse the way in which you use your home and design a bespoke Video Surveillance system providing a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of our customers.
Most systems now have as standard, the facility for customers to remotely view their own Video Surveillance system from anywhere via smart phone, I-pads or laptops by simply downloading an app. This feature alone is instrumental in providing peace of mind that your home is safe in addition to allowing you to make arrangements if a break in has occurred. Your new Video Surveillance will even provide you with the ability to know who is at the door before you answer it.
If you have an existing Video Surveillance system which is in need of repair or maintenance, we can also be of service to you. We will always try our best to repair an existing system before suggesting you purchase a new one.
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