Intruder Alarms


Roland Security are Intruder Alarm specialists all of our Intruder Alarm Systems meet the latest European Standard;

Our Intruder Alarm Systems can detect movements inside your buildings; sensor technology situated in vunerable areas around your site can be configured to distinguish between natural movement caused by weather conditions, animals and movements caused by people. Entry points such as doors and windows can also be protected, with the alarm being triggered as soon as an attempt is made to open a protected door or smash a monitored window.

Our Intruder Alarm System can activate on a full alarm condition, either immediately or after a specified delay. This results in an external sounder siren being activated and bright strobe lighting. Keyholders can be advised of activation via an SMS message or email.

Wireless intruder alarm systems are ideal for applications where traditional hard-wired solutions are not possible.

An Intruder Alarm can be designed as a Monitored System where a signal is sent directly to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). An operator at the ARC will then follow an response plan agreed by you. For some businesses, it is a requirement for the alarm activation to be reported to the Police.

Roland Security Intruder Alarms are easy to use and will provide an effective deterrent to theft and trespassers while minimising the risk of false alarms.

Our team will work with you to design a system to meet the needs of your business and your insurers.


Intruder Alarms Activation Procedure


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