Intelligent Video Analytics

What is Video Analytics?

Video analytics, applying software algorithms to detect and track people, vehicles and other objects in your live or recorded CCTV image feed. They can also even categorise footage by people’s behaviour, appearance and movement. You can have your chosen implementation partner program the analytics software to detect events such as object removal (imagine how critical this is for stock or high value asset security). Advanced events such as the direction of travel, objects crossing a line or people loitering in a given area are also possible with this software.

Once a programmed event triggers, the system can carry out pre-selected instructions such as activating an audible warning, triggering an alert to mobile security or alerting the police.

Securing buildings, business premises and public areas in today’s information age continues to be a concern for many building owners, managers and businesses. The increase in physical and cyber threats means todays security systems need to evolve and meet the challenges head-on. Video analytics is one recent development which is helping to neutralise these modern-day security threats. So, what is video analytics? How does video analytics help to make your premises more secure? Why do you need video analytics software? 

What can Video Analytics do for my business?

Whatever industry you work in and the size of your business, CCTV video analytics offers some distinct benefits.

Effective security

With video analytics, the amount of video footage the software can analyse far exceeds what monitoring personnel can handle at any given time. This is the first benefit of deploying software technology, it increases the effectiveness of your security team and proactively alerts you to security events.

Improve security personnel efficiency

Programmable alarm triggers such as identifying particular vehicles, using number plate recognition systems, or individuals using facial recognition, improves operational efficiency and reduces the need for manned monitoring systems.

Secure premises and safety for occupants

When you use video analytics together with your access control system, you can effectively track the whereabouts of every building occupant. You can identify banned individuals easily and ensure people do not access restricted areas.

Public safety for local authorities

For example, the Borough of Islington in London has over 180 CCTV cameras which feed to a central monitoring station. The large amount of live and recorded video data the system generates makes constant human monitoring near impossible, and ineffective. With video analytics though, the software can work 24 hours a day to identify pre-defined events and issuing alerts for faster response.

Universal security applications

Whether you manage a retail store and want to deter and detect acts of shoplifting or you manage public transport systems and safety, CCTV video analytics software can be customised to meet your needs. Contact our team to see what video analytics can do for you.

Even if you already have a CCTV security system installed or you are looking for a new one, why do you need CCTV analytics software? Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Monitor and secure larger or multiple sites from a single location without increasing the number of people manning your monitors. The implications for this benefit alone can be huge, both financially and practically.

  • Enjoy 24-hour peace of mind. Your analytics software seeks out and identifies predefined threats and events all day and night long. React faster to developing threats and minimise the potential for loss by dispatching security personnel as soon as a threat is detected.

  • Save money, time and effort by watching the cameras only when you receive an alert. This significantly reduces the manpower you need while increasing the effectiveness of your security in a single stroke.

  • Easy to add on to your existing CCTV recording and monitoring system.

  • Decrease your event investigation time by on average 500% with event categorisation and appearance search.


What you need to do next

Now you have a better understanding of what CCTV video analytics is and how it can improve the security of your business here’s what you need to do next.

Every application is bespoke, unique and whatever hardware makes up your CCTV system, we can add a video analytics software application to enhance the security effectiveness of your system.

Get in touch for a free site visit and demonstration of what video analytics can do for your business.

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